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I want to go home :(

Second semester hasn't even started and I'm already tired of university....

I think I'm sick

I just took my first nap in like a year and now there is nothing in my fridge I feel enough energy to make. McDonald's again?
I know I have an exam tomorrow. I know I have a paper due tomorrow. I know I should be working hard...

This is me ignoring you

If I am wearing noise reduction headphones and sitting in front a computer with a text book, do not start a conversation.

Boop's Accident.... well mine really :(

It happened in Medieval Literature... As usual I booted up my laptop, Boop, and poured myself a nice capful of hot chocolate from my thermos. The professor began to talk and I began to faithfully type the notes. As I typed, I rested my hot chocolate just above the power button. We had just started to discuss the reading, when suddenly, everything went wrong. My hand collided with the hot chocolate and I watched the brown river flood into Boop's keyboard. Having heard the horror stories, I immediately pounced on the power button and held it to turn her off. Then Nathan held out his scarf and we started wiping. We cleaned her keys as best as we could and then he held her upside down on his lap to drain what we could. We sat through the rest of the class, but I couldn't pay attention.
As soon as we got home, we rushed her onto the operating table and went at her with Q-tips and water (very small amounts). Having wiped what we could, we turned her over and Nathan took out the screwdriver. Suddenly I was staring at my three month old friend, her intestines spread across the table (hot chocolate free) and I wondered how I had gotten to this place. We let her dry.
Four hours later we attempted to start her up. Her keys were sticking and while we got power, there was nothing on her screen. We connected her to an external moniter and got a funny picture, but couldn't start her because her enter key wouldn't work. We made a few calls and were told to leave her over night. I had to leave her in Intensive Care.
There is an empty spot on my shelf...


My British Literature professor thinks my name is Christiana. I have yet to correct him. It's actually a kind of pretty name. Handing in the first paper may be rather awkward....


Ugh... the excercise room in my apartment building is totally obselete! It opens at 8 in the morning! Who excersises that late? :( On Tuesday and Thursday I have to excersise at 5:30 and on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday's I have to excercise at 6:30. And it's cold outside. I don't want to jog... :( ~Whines~
Well, I leave for my second year in about half an hour. Everything is packed and in the car, I have an apartment, I'm ready. So, uh, good luck everyone, have a great year! :D
Well... it's been awhile since I updated. Not a lot is new, met my future parents in law and I really like them which rocks. Got a laptop, which I am thoroughly enjoying! Work is still long and hard, but in a week and a half I'm off for the rest of the summer, so that will be awesome. I guess back to school is coming pretty soon, but I'm actually really excited. I can't wait to get back to the ever-so-predictable essays and tests. I also look forward to the schedules that never change and the random people you don't know in the tunnels, everyday. :) Well... this really has no purpose, just wanted to update. :P Hope everyone is doing well!
Well, it's been awhile since I updated, so I should probably do a check in. I got a second job at The Source by Circuit City so I'm working a lot and not doing much else. I'm excited to go back to school, I'm really missing it! Other than that, not a lot is new, hopefully my life will get exciting soon. :P